How to Start an ESL Library Digital Trial

ESL Library Digital, our new platform, is now available through your active ESL Library account! More than 500 of the lessons that you know and love are now ready for you to test out in digital format, with many more to come. Get started today with a free trial and try out our digital tools in class.

Pricing for ESL Library Digital is based on the number of students you are registering.

With ESL Library Digital, you can:

  • Set up sub-accounts for your students
  • Push content (readings, dialogues, tasks) to your students’ mobile devices in class
  • Administer interactive pair and group work
  • Conduct digital surveys, comprehension quizzes, and vocabulary activities
  • Host one-on-one online tutoring sessions
  • Assign digital homework
  • See results and scores in real time

Step-by-Step Instructions

To start the ESL Library Digital free trial, simply follow the steps below.  

Step 1

Go to ESL Library and log in to your account.

Log In

Step 2

Once you have successfully logged in, click your name (or the menu icon on smaller screens) in the top right corner of the page to select the Try Digital button (see below).

Step 3

After clicking the Try Digital button, you will land on the Introducing ESL Library Digital page. This page contains more information about this new platform. Select the Start My Trial button from the top or bottom of the page. Your free trial will immediately activate for a one-month term.

Step 4

After clicking the Start My Trial button, a message confirming the digital trial has been activated for one month will appear. You can now create your digital profile by choosing the name you would like students to call you as well as your organization (the organization name you originally signed up with will appear by default). Click Continue to proceed.

Step 5

Select an avatar for your digital profile. Your students will see this avatar when you start sessions or assign homework. Click Continue after selecting your preferred avatar.

Step 6

Your digital profile is now complete. Click the Browse Lessons button to start viewing all lessons available digitally. You can also click the Invite Students button to begin adding your students as sub-accounts. The free trial has up to 30 student licenses available. 

To learn how to launch and run a digital session, view our How to Conduct an ESL Library Digital Session Help Doc.

We can’t wait for you and your students to start using this new platform! Feedback and suggestions are warmly welcomed throughout this trial period. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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