How to Invite Students to ESL Library Digital (using an email address)

If you are a teacher using ESL Library Digital, please follow the steps below to learn how to add students to your account. Students will receive an invitation sent to their email. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to your account here:

Log In

Step 1

Once logged in to your account, head to the My Classes page by clicking your name (or the menu icon on smaller screens) in the top right corner of the page (see below). 

Step 2

When you land on the My Classes page, you will see a list of all your classes and students. Select a class to invite students to.

Step 3

Once inside a class, select the Invite new students with email box to start sending invitations. 

Step 4

Type in a student’s first name, last name, and email address. Then click the Send Invitation button to add that student to your list. This will automatically trigger an email invitation to the student with instructions on how to activate their account. 

Your student will automatically join your class after they have accepted the invitation. 

Please note: If your students do not have an email address or if they don’t want to use their email for privacy reasons, please see our help doc, How to Invite Students to ESL Library Digital (without an email address).

Step 5

After you have invited students, their names will appear as pending. They will remain pending until they accept the invitation or are manually connected to your group. Teachers can manage their pending students by resending the email invitation (using the Resend button) or deleting the invitation (using the Cancel button). (Note that once an invitation is accepted, that student will join your class.)

Step 6

After an invitation is sent, we recommend that teachers ask each student to look out for this invitation email (and to check their Spam folder in case it lands there).

The email that pending students will receive includes a Join Now button, which will prompt students to create their account or log in with an existing account (see the example below). 

Please see our help doc, How to Invite Students to ESL Library Digital (without an email address), if students do not receive the invitation email. Or, you can contact us to manually connect students with your group. 

Step 7

After clicking the Join Now button, pending students will land on a page where they will either make a new account or log in to connect an existing account.

If students do not have an account (active or expired), they can click the Make a new account (I am new!) button. Students who have an active or expired account can simply click the Log in (I have an account) button.

Step 8

After completing Step 7, students will be prompted to either set up an account or enter their login details. 

Create new account:

Log in with existing account:

Step 9

After completing the Sign Up form or logging in, students will now be connected to you, their teacher, and land on their homepage at Students will land on their homepage after each login, and they can access any active homework from this page.

If you have any difficulty inviting students, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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