How to Conduct an ESL Library Digital Session

ESL Library has traditionally been focused on creating ready-made, high-quality lessons in PDF format for teachers to print and photocopy for their classes. We have now introduced a new tool, ESL Library Digital, which is a purchased add-on to your main subscription (or offered as a free one-month trial). 

In an ESL Library Digital session, you can:

  • Push content (readings, dialogues, tasks) to your students’ mobile devices in class
  • Administer interactive pair and group work
  • Conduct digital surveys, comprehension quizzes, and vocabulary activities
  • Host one-on-one online tutoring sessions
  • See results and scores in real time

To start a digital session with your students, please follow the instructions below or watch our related video for a more detailed run-through of different digital task types.

Please note that to start a digital session, you will need to have a class set up. See our  help doc for instructions on how to set up your class.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to your account here:

Log In

Step 1

Go to the main Lessons page and click the Digital button (see below). The digital filter allows you to focus on the lesson sections that contain digital tasks and activities. 

Step 2

The lessons below will adjust to only show sections that contain digital tasks and activities. You can also see the sections that contain digital tasks by looking for the computer icon below the section title.

Please note that we are gradually adding digital activities to most of our sections. You will start to see the computer icon added to more and more sections and lessons over time. 

Step 3

Select a lesson section to view the digital lessons available (e.g., Discussion Starters).

Step 4

After you have entered a lesson section with the digital filter selected, the lessons inside that section will filter by digital also. Select a lesson to view the digital tasks available.

Step 5

On the lesson show page, you will see two tab options. The Print tab gives you the option to open that lesson as a PDF (Teacher or Student). The Digital tab allows you to view the digital tasks associated with that lesson, start a digital session, or assign homework.

Step 6

When you click the Digital tab, you will see two lists: a list of your classes and a list of tasks. Scroll down your class list and select the class that you would like to launch a session with.

Once a class is selected, you can view a record of whether you have previously performed any of the tasks or assigned them as homework to that class.

Step 7

Before launching the session with your students, you can preview each task. To take a peek at the task type and content, just click the task title.

After previewing the task, you can go back to the digital lesson preview page by clicking on the X.

Step 8

When you are ready to launch a session with your students, click the Start a Session button under the class name.

Step 9

You will land on a new page where you can view and select tasks to push to your students' devices. Click the people icon on the left side to view each student's status (Student or Pending). 

Step 10

Your students will join your session by logging in at Students will see a flag that a session is in progress and can click on the Join Session button.

Student view:

As students join your session, they will update in real time as Students rather than Pending.

Teacher view:

Step 11

Once all your students have joined the session, you can begin a digital task. Choose a task by clicking its title on your screen, or select the Flag icon on the left side to view a list of all tasks.

Step 12

After selecting a task, you can choose the settings you would like to implement (e.g., how many paragraphs are visible per slide, allowing students to control the slideshow, whether students should work individually or in groups, etc.).

Click the Start button when you are ready to begin the session.

Step 13

Your students will receive a prompt to get into groups with a partner(s) or work individually (depending on what you've chosen in the Task Setup). Students can walk around the class to find their partner. (If they are working individually, they can indicate that they are ready right away).

Student view:

Teacher view:

Step 14

Once your students are ready to start the task, they can click the We're ready! button. You will be notified in real time that your students are now ready, and you can click Start Activity.

Student view:

Teacher view:

Step 15

You are now controlling your students' screens and can start moving through the slides by clicking the forward arrow. 

You can push new slides when your students are ready to move on. 

Step 16

You can choose new tasks throughout the same session by clicking the flag icon and selecting a new task.

When your students are waiting for a new task, they will see a wait screen while you are setting it up.

Step 17

As students are answering questions in a task, you can see each student's score and status in real time.

Step 18

To end a digital session, simply click on the cog icon and then click End Session in the top left corner.

A pop-up box will appear, asking if you want to end the session. Choose Yes.

Step 19

You will then land back on the lesson show page. Students will be automatically looped out of the lesson.

Teacher view:

Student view:

Step 20

Your session history will now appear on the digital lesson show page. You can click the date to view results from that task.

If you have any difficulties conducting a session with your students, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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