How to Assign Digital Homework

If you are a teacher using ESL Library Digital, please follow the steps below to learn how to assign digital homework to your students. Stay tuned for our related video.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to your account here:

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Step 1

Go to the main Lessons page and select the Digital filter from the Format drop-down menu (see below).

Step 2

The lesson sections will adjust to only show those that contain digital tasks and activities. You can also see the sections that contain digital tasks by looking for the computer icon below the section title.

Please note that we are gradually adding digital tasks to most of our sections. You will start to see the computer icon added to more and more sections and lessons over time. 

Step 3

Select a lesson section to view the digital lessons available (e.g., Discussion Starters).

Step 4

After you have chosen a lesson section, select the Digital filter again so that the lessons within that section will also be filtered by digital. Choose a lesson to view the digital tasks available to assign as homework (e.g., Binge-Watching).

Step 5

On the lesson show page, you will see two tab options. The Print tab gives you the option to open that lesson as a PDF (Teacher or Student). The Homework tab allows you to view the digital tasks associated with that lesson and assign homework.

Step 6

When you click the Homework tab, you will see an option to select your class and a list of available tasks. The displayed class will default alphabetically from your class list. Click the down-facing arrow inside the class box to select a class that you would like to assign homework to.

Once a class is selected, you can view a record of whether you have previously assigned a task as homework with that class. 

Step 7

Select the Manage Homework button to assign tasks to your class. 

Step 8

On the Manage Homework page, you will see a list of tasks that are available to assign as homework. Click the Due Date box next to the task name to assign a date and time for each homework task you’d like to send to your class.

Note: The Copy Previous button can be used to copy the date and time selected for the task above.

Step 9

Click Save when you have finished selecting dates for the homework tasks.

A confirmation pop-up window will appear. After reviewing it, click Save to send the homework to your class.

A final reminder pop-up window will appear to confirm the homework has been sent to your class. Click Close.

Step 10

Your students can view their homework assignments on their homepage after logging in at They can click on the lesson to see their homework tasks for that lesson.

Student view:

Students can click Start beside the task title to launch that homework task. They can attempt each task repeatedly until they have gotten all of the answers correct. Their first score, best score, and number of attempts will be documented.

Student view:

Please let us know if you have any difficulty assigning homework or if your students have any trouble accessing their homework. We hope you enjoy this digital feature!

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