How to Invite Students to ESL Library Digital (without an email address)

Note: At 4:45 in this demo, Tammy moves on to the subject of inviting students who do have an email address.

If you are a teacher using ESL Library Digital, please follow the steps below to learn how to add students without an email address to your account. Students will instead create a username to sign up and connect to you, their teacher. 

We also have a video that is made for students: Sign Up as Student with a Class Code. You will find it on our blog in the For Students section. You can email the link to this video or screen-share this video during a live class. Pause where you need to explain anything. Please remind students to only use the class code once. It will also be helpful to make sure your students understand the difference between +Sign Up and Log In.

Note: Your students will be able to add an email address during account setup. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to your account here:

Log In

Step 1

Once logged in to your account, head to the  My Classes page by clicking on Class Prep near the top left-hand corner of the page.

Step 2

When you land on the  My Classes page, you will see a list of all your classes and students. Select a class to invite students to.

Step 3

Once inside a class, select the  Invite new students with codes box to begin.

Step 4

Invite students by giving them the class code. 

You can also display the URL and class code full screen so that you can project this information on a whiteboard (click  View Full Screen button). Once students have the information, you can click the X in the top right corner to exit full screen mode.

Step 5

Students will follow the URL,, and select either Sign Up or Log in (after typing in their username/email address and password) to connect with you, their teacher. Students who have not yet created ESL Library accounts will select Sign Up. Students who have already created accounts will log in with their username/email address and password. 

Step 6

Students will be prompted to enter their first and last names.

A default username will appear for students to use. They can edit the username if they would like to change it to something they will remember.

Students will be prompted to create a password (must be a minimum of 6 characters). They will use this password to log in and access their account.

Note: Students can click on the eye icon to the right of the password field to see what the password looks like before clicking  Next.

Students can add an optional email address in case they ever need to reset their password.

Students can select an avatar to complete their sign up. Click on  Next to head over to the Student Dashboard.

Students can click on Join a Class.

Students will be prompted to enter the class code. They can click on Join.

Students will be notified that they are now in their teacher's class.  They can click on Go to Dashboard to access their Student Dashboard.

Students who select  Log in will be prompted to enter their username or email address and password. 

Note: Students can click on the eye icon to the right of the password field to see what the password looks like before clicking  Next.

After successfully logging in, students can click their name in the top right corner and select  Join a Class from the drop-down menu.

Students will enter the class code to join a new class.

A message will appear to alert the student that they are now a part of this class. They should select  Go to Dashboard to access any homework assigned to this class.

Step 7

After signing up or logging in, all students will land on the Student Dashboard of their account at The username and password they created will be their login details for future use. 

The Student Dashboard will show tasks that have been assigned to the class that your student is now a part of.  If there are no current tasks assigned, all past tasks can be accessed by clicking on View Past Assignments.

Step 8

Your students will now appear under your class list on your class page.

If you would like to add these students to a different class, select one from the  My Classes page.

Select the  Add an existing student box.

A list of existing students will appear. Use the checkbox(es) to select the student(s) you would like to add. Click  Save when complete.

These student(s) will now be a part of your class.

If you have any difficulties inviting students to your group with a class code, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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