How to Access Digital Homework (Students)

If you are a student using ESL Library Digital, please follow the steps below to learn how to access digital homework inside your account. Stay tuned for our related video.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to your account here:

Log In

Step 1

All upcoming homework will appear on your homepage under the Homework Due heading.

Step 2

The homework due date can be found in the Due column. Your homework will sort in order of the date, with the closest due date appearing first.

Step 3

Select a lesson to view and start your homework tasks.

Step 4

A list of your homework tasks will appear. Click Start beside the task title to launch that homework task.

Step 5

Start your homework based on the task instructions. Click Submit when you have completed all the questions.

Step 6

If any answers are incorrect after submitting, you can try again until all the answers are correct.

Step 7

Once you have answered all the questions correctly, click the Back to Lesson button.

Step 8

From your Homework page, you can see your first and best scores, and your total attempts. These scores and number of attempts will be sent to your teacher.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing your homework. We hope you enjoy using ESL Library Digital!

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