How to Use the Flashcard Player

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Step 1

If you saved flashcards to a new flashcard set, you will be taken back to the flashcard set you just saved with the new name. From here, you can click on Launch to start the Flashcard Player.

If you saved the flashcards to an existing flashcard set, you will be taken to  My Flashcard Sets. From here, you can click on Launch to start the Flashcard Player.

Step 2

Once the Flashcard Player launches, you can click on the information icon in the top right corner of the page to view the instructions. Click on the X to exit.

You can also click on the hamburger button. Click on My Presentation to edit the text that goes with each image or to delete a flashcard from the presentation.  

Note: This is ONLY for the presentation. Any permanent changes will still need to be made from within your My Flashcard Sets page.   

To change the presentation style and/or font style, click on Settings.

Step 3

Once you are happy with your flashcard set, you can start going over the flashcards with your class. You can click on the right-facing arrow to move to the next flashcard. You can always click on the left-facing arrow to move back to the previous flashcard.

You can also click on the Play button on the top right of the flashcard to play an audio recording of the word.

Step 4

When you are finished presenting your flashcard set, you can click on the X to exit the Flashcard Player.

If you have any difficulties using our Flashcard Player, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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