How to Broadcast Tasks

0:00 - Sharing your screen using Zoom, Google Meet, and similar third-party platforms
6:03 - Broadcasting digital tasks to an in-class or online screen
12:36 - Filtering to find digital lessons
12:55 - Broadcasting PDFs to an in-class or online screen.
14:38 - Broadcasting flashcards with our digital flashcard player
15:16 - Quick review of how to broadcast tasks

Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: To use Broadcast in class, you will need to share a screen with your students, such as an interactive white board or projector (in a traditional classroom) or a video conferencing platform (in a live online class).

Log in to your account here:

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Step 1

Choose a lesson category.

Step 2

Select the lesson that you would like to broadcast the tasks for. 

Step 3

Click on the Digital tab.

Step 4

Click the rocket and task name on the left side of the task list under the heading Launch

This will automatically launch the digital task so you can try it with your students in class (using an interactive white board or projector in a traditional classroom or a video conferencing platform in a live online class). 

You can also use Broadcast to preview a digital task as a student would see it before you assign it.

Step 5

Click on Start to begin the task.

Step 6

Once you have gone over the task with your class, you can click on Review Answers to look over the answers with your class, Try Again to re-do the task, or Back to Lesson to navigate back to the lesson page.

Note: If you only have access to the Standard plan features, some of the digital task types are not assignable, but you can do them together with your class on a shared screen. If you are not logged in at all or are not a paid user, you will not be able to launch or view answers for any digital tasks, but you will see the task list.

Please contact us if you have any requests or feedback regarding Broadcast. We hope you enjoy using this digital feature!

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