How to Share Flashcard Sets with Students

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Step 1

Click on Class Prep and select Flashcard Sets from the drop-down menu.

Step 2

You can click on New Flashcard Set to create a new set or on the More Options (...) menu on a previously created set to share with your students.

Step 3

Selecting Share with Students will prompt you to select a class to share the flashcard set with.

Step 4

Click on Continue by the class you'd like to share the flashcard set with.

Step 5

You can leave all students checked off or you can select individual students in the class to share the flashcard set with. Click on Continue to proceed to the next step.

Step 6

A pop-up will appear where you can add an optional note for your students.  Click on Share to send the flashcard set to your class/selected students.

Step 7

Once the flashcard set has been shared, you will be taken back to your Flashcard Sets page. You will see that the set you shared with your class will now be marked as Shared.  You will also see the Shared with Students tab with a number beside it. The number denotes the how many flashcard sets you are currently sharing with your students.

Step 8

The Shared with Students tab will contain all the flashcard sets you have shared with all your classes/students.  Clicking on the More Options (...) menu will allow you to launch the set, view the details (such as which class or students it was shared with, when it was shared and the optional note you may have left for your students) and unshare the flashcard set.

Step 9

Students will log in via

Step 10

Once logged into their Student Dashboard, students will click on Flashcards to view any flashcard sets their teacher has shared.

Step 11

Students will see the flashcard set shared by the teacher along with the note the teacher may have left for their students and when it was shared.  Clicking on Start will launch the flashcard set.

Step 12

Students can click on the hamburger menu to view the settings for the flashcard set.  They can also click on the image to show the text for the flashcard as well as click on the Play icon to listen to the accompanying audio.  To navigate between flashcards, students can click on the arrows at the bottom of the page.

If you have any difficulties using our flashcard sharing feature, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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