How to Print Flashcard Sets

After creating a flashcard set that you would like print out and use in class, follow the instructions below to customize your set before printing. For detailed instructions on how to create a flashcard set, please refer to this article: How to Create & Save Flashcard Sets.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

A. If you have just saved a flashcard set, you will see the  Print Settings button in the middle of the page. Click this button to go to the print settings page.

B. You can find a saved flashcard set by clicking on Class Prep then selecting Flashcard Sets from the drop-down menu. 

Choose the flashcard set you would like to print to open the print settings page.

Step 2

Before printing, you may want to customize the text below the images. Click the box beneath the image to start typing.

Flashcard images can also be rearranged into the printing order you desire. Click and hold on the image to drag and drop it to a new spot.

Step 3

Once you have the images and text set up to your liking, click on Print Settings to further customize your flashcard set. 

Options include: printing all images or only selected images, printing in color or black & white, printing only the image or only the text or the image & text, font styles and the number of flashcards per page.

Click on the boxes below the steps to choose your preferred settings. A blue highlight border will make it easy to see which options you've chosen.

Finally, click Print Flashcards if you would like to print the images with the settings you've selected. 

Step 4

Once you click Print Flashcards, a PDF will be generated with your flashcards set up the way you've chosen.  Select the print icon (or File > Print) in the PDF or browser window to print out your flashcards.

Note: You can also download the PDF by clicking on the downward-facing arrow beside the print icon.  You can then email the flashcards to your students.

Please contact us if you have any difficulty printing your flashcard sets. We hope you enjoy using our flashcards with your students!

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