How to Use Lesson Collections

Are you looking for multiple lessons on a particular topic? Our  Lesson Collections page contains pre-made, theme-based collections that include a variety of related lessons from different sections.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Log in to your account here:

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Step 2

Click on Materials and select Collections from the drop-down menu.

You can also click the  Explore button to view our current lesson collections.

Step 3

In the  Collections page, you will find a variety of theme-based lesson collections. Some examples include Videos, Global Issues and Holidays, Seasons & Events. Click on the collection of your choice.

Step 4

Inside your chosen collection, view a short description and select a category to focus on.

Step 5

Click on a subcategory to explore. 

You can filter by level.

Please note: Other collections will also allow you to filter by audience and material type.

You can also sort by Relevance, Alphabetical or Last Updated

Lastly, you can change from Compact View to List View.

Step 6

Click on a lesson you'd like to view.

We hope you love using these collections with your students! Please reach out to us if there are topics you would like to see added, or for extra tips on using the collections in class.

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