How to Use the Recommended Teaching Order Filter

If you are looking over the vast amount of materials on ESL Library and wondering where to start, the recommended teaching order filter may save you some time!

Once you have entered into a particular lesson section, here is the icon to look for:

You will find it within the filters row (located below the lesson section banner and introductory paragraph) that looks like this:

After clicking this filter icon, the lessons in that section will sort themselves into the order we recommend you teach them in. You can follow the list horizontally, moving from left to right through the rows.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here are the steps to locate and use the recommended teaching order filter:

Step 1

Log in to your account here:

Log In

Step 2

Once logged in, head over to the Lessons page (see below).

Step 3

On the Lessons page, click on any of our lesson sections (please note, not all of the sections include this filter).

Step 4

After opening a lesson section, click the recommended teaching order filter to sort the lessons below.

Step 5

Lessons will then sort into their chronological order. Please note, the New and Featured lessons will always stick in the first few spots, so you can begin with the first lesson after those (if applicable). 

Where is this available?

Here is a list of sections where the recommended teaching order filter is available:

Grammar & Writing

Everyday English

Business, Travel & Holidays

Young Learners & Literacy

Please Note

In certain sections this filter is not available as the lessons are for you to pick and choose what is most relevant to your classroom. These lessons are organized by theme rather than by difficulty or chronological sequence. Examples of these sections include:

Please contact us if you have any questions or need some extra tips on teaching order!

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PS. We have two blog posts that go into more detail about our recommended teaching order and how to best use the materials on our site. One is for all our materials and another is for our grammar sections. We hope you find them useful!