How to Change the Default Spelling

ESL Library's ready-made lesson PDFs are currently available with either American or Canadian spelling. To print lessons with your preferred spelling, please follow the instructions below.

If the default spelling is American, the US flag icon will be highlighted on the lesson preview page:

If the default spelling is Canadian, the Canadian flag icon will be highlighted on the lesson preview page: 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow the steps below to change your default spelling.

Step 1

Log in to your ESL Library account.

Log In

Step 2

On the main  Lessons page, click on any lesson category (e.g., Mini Debates). 

Step 3

After landing on the lesson category page, choose any lesson you would like to view or print as a PDF (e.g., Video Game Violence).

Step 4

After clicking on the lesson title, you will land on the lesson preview page. Here you will see that a spelling option is already highlighted (e.g., American spelling). 

Step 5

To change the default spelling for that lesson, click the opposite flag on the lesson preview page. This will also change the default spelling of all other lessons to the flag you have chosen (e.g., Canadian).

Step 6

When you open a new lesson or when you log in the next time, you will see that it now defaults to the most recent spelling option you have chosen.

Please note: If you are teaching in a country such as the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand, it may be helpful to select Canadian spelling as your default since the spelling systems are often similar. 

Please contact us if you have any difficulties, questions, or feedback.

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